Sunday, 10 February 2013

Character Idea

So after a chat with Alan I finally have an idea in my mind about how I can go about solving my character. After chatting about my characters characteristics it was said that I should look at these in a different way and make it so maybe in the game we never see the assassins face. That I should look to design him or in other worlds look at whats not seen and what is seen. So maybe when you see him you only see a flick of the cape in parts, design him based upon his 'talent'. So his main base simply would be his pose/silhouette


Here I was just look at how he could hide in the shadows.


Here Im looking at how the base of him would look. Only looking mainly at him fully caped but I extend to do some sketches of his legs showing like in one of the images above to experiment with him.


This was just looking at how it could play out, him following the guy like his shadow then slipping away unnoticed.


Again here I was mapping out how it could play out (assassin is not in this scene) with items he needs go hide behind or sneak round. Also having a guard walking around as well right up close to the screen  as if blocking/screening some of the map to which could be used to an advantage to the player.

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