Saturday, 23 February 2013

Return Of The Ink

So going back to the good old ink. Here i'm mainly trying to get the silhouette from the ink and water. This was quite helpful in allowing me to get something I can now start to mould into shape.








The image on the right of no7  is where it all starts. I very much like the flow of the form, the simplicity of the form and the stance. So I then in no 8 Tried to get this in a few lines thus the moulding begins.

However it is at this point Justin arrives to give me some guidance. He also reminded me of anything thing bout my character. He is ultimately an assassin (ninja) to which may sound silly but this is something that I had forgotten in my designs, the 2nd part I was lacking in. He also suggested that I make gage to work out how cartoony, realistic or stylised I wish it to be. That leeds image 8 to 9.


So here starts the gage . Im taking the stance from 7-8 and ill be duplicating it a few times to re-draw over to as a template so I can easily draw on top in difference ways to block out my gage with out the trouble of trying to get the stance right each time.


So on my lovely gages I see this as being a mix of realism and cartoon. I nice blend though may be the high end in the real for my character. I do feel it has some japanese in it but a lot.

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  1. I really like the drawing on page 7 - and 9 has that heroic feel too :)