Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Human Form

Here Im looking at the body structure of both dancers and gymnasts (recommended by Phil) to look at how I can succefuly create my character. Im looking at the flow of muscle, where the main muscles is in both legs and upper body which is being used to which should help me form these in my character.


So not overly sized here but one can tell he has got a lot of strength in his upper body. The flow of his shulder muscle to his arm is what Im looking at here.

So mainly looking at the legs here. It has a very clear view due to his out fit of his muscles and form. The flow of his legs is very interesting. I can see where I can make thin and make thicker in my characters legs to get this feel.

Again looking at the legs and upper body.

Here I picked this out for his left leg. Looking at the shapes that form that leg, the flow to which the consist. Lovely.

Upper body. Again a mix of shapes and flow.

Again picked his out for his legs. The shapes are very similar to the hard edge feel in been trying to make.

Upper body and arms. Over all non of them are overly built. They all consist of the practical use of muscles nothing more. Hopefully I shall be able to take this into my character.

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