Friday, 15 February 2013

Wild Cat

After a chat with Alan, I am now going to give my character a trait or refrence of an anamle that best sutes him. The anime that best sutes him is the Black Puma. I am also going to go to rebuild my character from dead basic shapes upwards to get the feel right before diving into details.

So the Puma (not the brand) is very much built with a large chest and smaller backside. It can be quite elegent and is one very stealthy animal. Taking some of these traits into my character should help me define him a little more.



I added these normal cats in for a cupple of reasons. 1 for the face and side profile. Though a Puma has a lot more muscle in the face its still built upon the same princable. Thh 2nd reason is I very much like (more in 1 than 2) the light that makes the cat visable. So the rest of him is in the dark while only a little is shown.

These are very simplistic and stylized cats. Now Im not after somthing so cute  as these but these are a nice refrence to see how simplistic one can draw a cat.

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