Sunday, 17 February 2013

Character Poses

Still on the basics. Im trying to get some working poses even in this basic stage to get the feel for my character as I'm struggling to get this and understand him while simply standing upright. Ive looked a little more into cats for the feel and more into a sneaking/ spying poses.

Still working on body shape too. Im trying to mimic a wild cats body (namely a Puma) with the lean body, upper chest wider than hips, long arms, big hands (so more like paws) and hair/ ears pointy like a cats. This is to add expression as when a cat is in attack mode or is being stealthy the ears pop back while being alert they are up.

Quite like 2,3,5 here. 2,3 are like a combo, a sneaking cycle almost and even though it may be a little extream for my character its a good starting point for sneaking. I like 5 as I can see arms about to grab someone in front of him.

I like 11,14 here. 11 as I like the low down to the ground sneaking. I like 14 for a body shape. Not to wide at top which leads down nicely.



I really like 8 & 9 here. I like 8 for the feet (which way seem odd) as the are small and basic yet really show how the feet is working. Like a stance too but is a little to extreme of a sneak pose for him.  I like 9  for the pose though again a little extreme.

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