Tuesday, 5 February 2013

More Ink Tests

Was meant to upload these on Wednesday but better late than never. So For some of these I was simply trying to see how water and the ink would react together while in others I am trying to mimic the brush strokes of the artists I have been watching. I looked at a lot of bamboo paintings as well as not only the brush strooks I find important but how much ink to water they use. Now they use a rather large brush (big nibs) but keep half of it try most of the time to brake up the flow of the line. Not syaing thats true for all but just an obsurvation from the ones Ive watched.

Again im drawn to this portrate style. (The black line was a mistake before I acturely drew her so try to pretend it not there) These somthing here about the simply character that I find so charming. I really like this but I still have my reservations on this as Im in two minds of is it to cute? Yet it is how japanese prints would show there characters (simple lines) Need to look more into characters.


A trile of a lot of water and a few solid lines. Not really sure what its meant to be but I very much liked this due do it being dark yet faded.




These set of 3 where my attempt to mimic how they would draw the bamboo. The idea was to have the line brake up while in mid flow to ad a sort of colour/tone texture that one could not to draw yet retain a natural feel.




Just a simple play with a bigger brush to see how much ink it would have on it with it still brakeing up.



These 2 are just my atempt to mimic another artist on youtube (not the same image of course). 9 was to try and get a simple lined drawing to get the feel right while the other focuses on tone (colour if i had some) then aplying some solid lines other the top. This was to try and get that feel of spill, an uncontroled, free forming flow of the ink.


  1. Hey Mike,

    You know, I'm loving all the subtle stuff happening in these ink drawings; I LOVE ink test 2, with all that secondary colour coming from the bleed, and 5 and 8 are lovely too. I'm looking forward to seeing how you might start to think about taking that papery/watery/translucent feel into some Maya tests - I think the more minimal, simple stuff is really beginning to entice! Perhaps now you need to focus this technique a bit more now - start to apply it.

    1. I agree. I plan to get some colours ink and apply these to maya texture tests soon. Plus I've run out of water colour paper! XD But I suppose I've been trying to re assure my self Im on the right track but ill take this as a small push into the next steps so thanks for the mini push :)

  2. Hello Mike!

    Phil's right, ink test two is beautiful. I feel like I can actually walk around in it.