Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nearing The End

Today I did some more experimenting with mixed results. I started off with no1 which was from a prevues post and rounded it off in ink a little to see what it would look like softer. I liked both so i tried to combine them in no3. I have had mixed views here regarding these from some feed back I got from people. Some like the hard edges while others like it soft.

I personally like no2, the softer virsion as I feel it may best suit my environment as that will be soft, simple and clean and I feel no 2 has this more than no3. Right now i feel that no 2 is the one i will take forward now. Though i prefer the head from no 1 which ill transfer over. Im now going to look a little into the costume and not the shape to get him presentable before moving onto my set once more.




I then went on to experiment with making it cartoony and an in between to just get an idea of what would work better with the set. I like the cartoony one but feel its a little cute.  The in between just looks like a child but has some charm.



I then took no 3 as I was look at that to finalise my character so I tried to see if I could re draw it. I did this in a mix of ink and pen to get a feel for him. Bar the legs I feel I can draw him but theres something  lost with him. Im not sure im a fan of hard edged arm meets soft legs. 





I did some more thumbnails just simple adding or taking away some details to let it all sink in. 



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