Sunday, 13 January 2013

Adaption: Thoughts & Research

Half way mark is finally here.

With this I have had quite a few ideas which have been prodded at and altered over the christmas brake with varying age groups in mind. The main aim/out come for most of these would be to make them into a game whether it be just making set's or a character and a set.

Idea 1: Nursery Rimes/Storys -  Young Children - Pop up

The only one that goes against this theme is my very first idea which I have had the longest since xmas. That Idea would be to take a child's nursery rime/story and remake it into an visual pop up book to be played to a child to keep them entertained while still retains the bed time story theme of father & sons good night story telling. Obviously it will be heavily reliant on the story it self so that would have to be heavily looked at.

 Now, going on some of the resent research on this topic, there is quite a fair amount of stuff out there about playing children nursery rimes. Many have been turned into interactive games as well. There have been pop up books made on this as well however, as technology improves and how children are now heavily infused with TV and other such devises the visual attraction is key thus come in my idea of taking a story and making it into a digital pop up book to which could be played on TV or even read to a child for this bed time story on a kindle, iPad or other such devices. It would also allow the child's input with out braking it like a norm pop up book would.

I think this is the hardest of my ideas as Im not sure how challenging it would be to make this and how challenging this would be to make my own and original. I think to make it my own I would have to go back to the history of the rime to see where it actually derived from and work from there instead of going on how it is seen today.

Some Sites of interest
These are some I looked at for research, some give the history while others tell the story.

Idea 2 A: Books, Books and more Books -12+ - Game

I am very much a heavy reader when I find book of my liking so I have no trouble finding books to which I can find some inspiration from. Unfortunately I have a very strict theme of genre to the books I read, Magic,, vampires, wolfs, dragons etc so pretty much all fantasy. (Do not panic I have no intention of making twilight!) So trying to stay away from the hole romantic love affair of vampires and wolfs, I look towards such books as 'The Black Magican Trilogy' by Trudi Canavan, So as it says in the name it has quite a bit of magic in it but stay well clear of the creatures of the night that always seem to make out with there food...

So why this book and why a game?

Well this book for me setting whys has some very nice settings to which would be very nice and exciting (for me and hopefully through me others as well) to explore. It has a range of structures/ environments, some dark and gloomy while others high and mighty and very much glowing. For example in one scene it describes a magical library to which the character has to stealthily work her way through to find a book with out being seen. Its these elements that I feel would make this into a very nice start to make scenes and sets for the game as there are many places described in the book to which could be used.

So what type of game are we talking about?

Even though I would for this rather do the sets than characters as I find the sets much more interesting and detailed than the characters I would have it as a 3rd person RPG. I feel this would be the best way to show the story it self as it is very large and has many places to explore within the book, while allowing the player some freedom to explore.

I very much like this idea as its the one that has court my attention the most and allowed the mind to wonder and explore while at the same time would allow to go head first into three of my fears, Lighting, Texturing and Concepts Art.

Idea 2 B: Books, Books and more Books - 18+ - Game

The other book that I felt may work as well was 'The Night Angle Trilogy' by Brent Weeks. This story revolves around a homeless and abandoned boy whom by chance encounter meets the most feared assassin in the city. due to events in the book he soon becomes the apprentice of this assassin. It then becomes quite dark and brutal. Prostitution, Murder, Betrayal and some how friendship?

So why this book and why a game?

This story is very dark but has a lot to offer. The settings them selves are very much castles, gloomy villages and deathly alchemy labs but unlike before this one is purely character based with a touch of maybe a setting for him. The characters are what drives the story and although most of the settings are dark some are rather interesting settings like the brothel to which he becomes friends with. (not in the way you are thinking)

So what type of game are we talking about?

I would have it so it is a first person action horror. It would be level based but the levels them selves would be open for the player to find multiple routes to his target and to kill his targets in multiple  of ways.

Again I very much like this idea has it throws up some more places to explore in both the book and my own skills.


  1. I think for you personally youll get more enjoyment out of the second idea... otherwise your ristricted to childrens things :)

    1. Your probably right there :) I like the idea of making a child's book thing but yeh, 15-17 weeks of it may become....hard XD

  2. There are hundreds of kids book apps on the market (google leappad). I think it would be difficult to find a unique angle. That doesn't mean you can't, just that you will really need to brainstorm if you want to do something original.
    RE the other 2, I don't know much about fantasy games but they all look similar to me! So maybe they don't need a unique selling could have a lot of fun with the art work!