Sunday, 6 January 2013

Quick Ideas On The Action Shots

Okay Im sure these are going to need a little explanation so bare with me. Im just ruffing out sketches for action shots or more concept bits with the characters. From here Im going to pick maybe 2-3 pieces which ill progress to drawing out in photoshop to paint later on. 

Lot 1

Okay so with this first one (image above) I have 3 ideas here. 

The top image is of all three characters together. You may not be able to see it in my sketch but basicity the hero is there one closest to the screen on the right. He would be in detail. The sidekick and villain will be at the back (top right) blurred out. So depth of field being played with here. I quite like this one and think could work.

Middle one is very simple, the hero running to using his shadow magic which is following him. Not so keen on this one, but to simple and not sure if it would show well.

Bottem one is hero standing still facing use, his shadow magic flowing off of him. again I feel this could be done in a better way.

Lot 2

Okay these two (image above) our of the hero using his magic. Top image is him using his magic to hide him self, so you would only see a little but off of him and maybe a high light or two. I quite like this as I think it would be hard to get right but would look affective.

 Bottom image is of him using his power to its full extent to basically make a shadow of him self which becomes like a giant monster type thing. So he would control it, for example, to grab something (like in the image). he can attack his foes with this power. This one has to be the one I like best. I think it shall be a challenge so it dose not feel like a villain but would look good.

Lot 3

Okay so last one. This is the sidekick kneeling to the villain whom is facing away from him. This is to get the hole feel of power here. So queen and her minion.

Sorry for having to explain in such away and if you like any of these let me know. I will be picking some of these to do, though will probably edit them. Let me know what you think.

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