Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sidekick Pose Change

Here Is me working out my sidekick a little more. Going on feed back it was clear my sidekick was a little to hero like (which I could not see my self) so I went on to change this. When I did the lines in the sidekick I could then see what was meant about him being to hero like.

Then went on to try and get a more thuggish pose going from my research.

And this is him now. I think he is a lot better. Im sure there will be things to pick at but for now he is the sidekick to which im going to push forward.


  1. Ohh I think this is much better Mike, he doesn't stand as proud like a hero now nice one! :)

    1. aha thanks! Yes, I feel a LOT more happy with him now :)