Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Idea Development

So going on some feed back I have had from my watchers and others Im now more leaning towards the 18+ game idea. This was the idea of using the book 'The Way Of Shadows' From 'The Night Angle Trilogy' by Brent Weeks.

This would more be leaning towards making a character and possibly a set for that character. Upon looking at different styles people have used for horror films and games I'm leaning more towards the style of The Blackwater Gospel to which you can watch here. So a more of a cartoony style yet quite dark. 

Still from Blackwater Gospel

I have some other books such as Darkwatch wich Sammy let me borrow to which also will be a reference to an art style, similar to Blackwater but more funny looking game like characters.

I have skimmed over some of the book to find characters of interest to which i could design/ make for this idea and some places to which could be a level to a mission etc.

Characters of interest:


Azoth; main character whom becomes the apprentice of Blint

Some intresting points on him:

-no older than 13 (at start)
-Starts off as a guild member whom scavenges for coin to keep him safe from the guild head, Rat.
-Smart and cunning with good senses
-Wants to become Blint's apprentice so he no longer has to be afraid and can protect his friends
-Becomes Blint's apprentice and is remade.

Durzo Blint  - teaches main character to become a Wetboy.

Some interesting points on him:

-He is a Wetboy - 'Like an assassin in the way a tiger is like a kitten' P.4 - Indisputably the best wetboy.
-Carrys many hidden poisened blades
-Main weapon is a big black sword with markins that change once Azoth handles the blade.
-Always eating garlic
-Can use Talent to hide his presence.
-Constantly refers to the Night Angles.
-Chooses whom he kills even if he has a contract.
-He believes a woman has made him week and she has ruined him. (when she died)

Rat - Guild head

Some interesting points on him:

-First main bad guy against Azoth
-Age 15
-As tall as a man
-Hes a bugger
-He is very cruel
-Gets his ear chopped off by Azoth

The Sa'Kage Nine - The underworlds Lords

Points on them

-They make up nine people in total
-They are in charge of Blint
- They want to rule
-Main bad guys

Side characters-

Momma K, real name Gwinvere Kirena

Some interesting points on her:

-Age 40 odd
-Courtesan and is main head of the brothel - 'Understanding separates courtesans from whores' P.81
-Can easily read and get into the minds of men
-Looks after and teach Azoth to read when Blint takes him in
-Trains Jarl to become a bugger

Jarl & Doll Girl - Guild members until Azoth destroys it.

 Some interesting points on them:

-Jarl gets taken in by Momma K
-Doll girls face gets destroyed by Rat
-Doll girl gets adopted by a rich family due to Blint.
-In guild they where the only friends of Azoth and the only ones he wanted to protect.

There are many more characters within the book to choose from but these are the ones that im most interested in. Now Id never be able to design and make all of these, that is certainly not my intention, but I like a range to which I can chose from. What I would like to do is maybe take one character and design fully to which i can then take to maya and make. I would like to experiment with a few of these in a few small studies.

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