Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thinking Out Loud - Working Out Game Play

Going on the idea that for my games mechanism the camera remains where it is at all times I've been trying to work out how I would layer my world. I plan to make everything flat so most of the world would be 2D with some 3D elements.

 Ive also been playing around in my head of how would actually play out. I had first thought that the character could free roam in the world a little but thats lead to the issue of how much of the map/level to I actually show with the character?

This lead me to a few ideas; I could have it so the character is zoomed out of (so a small character) and see most of the map. This idea dues not sit so nicely in my head due to the size of the world it would need and to me would not really feel like an arcade game.

The second idea was to zoom in a little into the character but allow the character to move the camera left or right depending on the direction the character is going. This would show less of the map but would allow the player to focus on a small area of the map and manoeuvre in that space.

The other idea is to find the middle of the 1st to ideas so the camera never moves even with the character. The camera would cut to the next section of the map once the player had walker out of the 1st. I like this idea also as it would just show a certain bit of the map at any one time.
 I like these last 2 ideas the most, small map exposure but allows the character to explore that area to find hidden items, notes, paths or other such things.

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