Sunday, 27 January 2013

Interactive Objects

Although this is a little bare, Im trying to work out the things/object the character could interactive from the set it self. Im still working on the idea of minimal and simple line work here as well. So far these are the 4 objects that the character could use. The tree, rock art and basket to jump onto to get to high places. The screen to hide behind and find hidden items while the basket also can be broken to also find hidden object.


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    1. Thanks :) quite enjoying my self!

  2. Love how you're breaking things down into simple, controlled lines.

    Thought these ink brush sets might come in handy for you; I swear by the first one, and the second one claims to be 'Okami-style'.

    1. They Look awesome! i just do not know how to down load them......

    2. To download them, you go to 'Download File' on the right side of the site, place the .abr file in whatever directory is useful to you (remove it from the .zip/.rar if necessary) then, in Photoshop, go to Edit>Preset Manager>Load. Find the directory you saved the brushes to, then double click the file and there you'll have your brushes!

    3. ETA: In PS CS6, and maybe earlier versions, it's Edit>Presets>Preset Manager. Sorry, shoulda checked beforehand!