Saturday, 26 January 2013

Game Speed Painting

So trying out something new I decided to get started by doing 5 speed paintings that lasted 20 mins tops to get my ideas flowing onto the page. I was mainly working it out as I went (so not going from any thumbnails here) to try and work out style, colour, tones etc. Although some are miles away from what im after they all still helped me along to the next and get rid of horrid ideas and helped me make some more ideas.

I like 3.5 and 5 the most out of these although if I had to pick a stand alone it would be 5 by far. 

I like 3.5 due to the very simple overlay of textured tone, makes it a massive contrast to 3. Very gritty and dirty, very nice.

However no5 by far for me out shines the rest as its taken its roots from the rest and become more or less something I could see in a game. I even added a health bar and Talent bar in the bottom left to try and make it as game screen as possible. I also like the simple colour pallet as i think the black lines and highlights from the moon just make it pop for me. For a speed painting Im quite happy with its out come.







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