Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fun With Ink

 So going from todays feed back and a recommendation from Phil to try experimenting with ink instead of going straight to my tablet has led me to this post. At no point here was I really looking at my acturle character or set, purely experrimentle work to which I found rather fun. I have a lot to try out and I have yet to look more into japanese ink painting styles etc but this was rather fun to get used to painting with ink. Enjoy :)




He had to be done.... I love him as a character and may not be made in this project but I tell you he will be made! :)



Sammy's master work and contribution to my experiments :)



No idea why i ruined this this a sword but enjoyed the simple lines.



Ink seems to remind me of water colour, I was never good at water colour but I love how simply applying water changes the ink so much!


  1. love 6 and 7 - keep things loose...

    1. haha yes :) I liked those to (bar the sword). And yes tomorrow will be my 'lose' day as I kind of went on in the norm of me picking at it and wanting details when it should be lose. But either way it was a lot of fun :)

  2. HAHA thanks for sharing my master piece! :) Still loving this experiment. Making some really simple drawings but all really readable. like all the important information about the drawing is there :). Have you thought about going up the china town in london to get a first hand feel of being in an oriental setting? Or speak to Chris Hunt...

    1. XD China town? I would acturly like to go but I do not know london nor even how to get there XD some sort of train device of some sort ? hahaha fancy taking a trip up to london some time soon?