Thursday, 3 January 2013

Villain Pose Fix

Okay from a huge help in hand from Justin I think I got this. On the right is the frame of my villain and on the right is the frame of Justin's. I did not want to trace Justin's handy work so I started simply with this frame to see the difference in pose. Its huge difference and is so much better than mine.

So after drawing her out, while constantly starring at Justin's drawing to get this right, this is the difference between the two. Massively different. I must admit here, that I did copy your head here Justin as when ever I did it, it didn't look as feminine as yours did.

And here she is on her own.


  1. Such a simple change, and makes such a difference! Looks good, hows everything else going?

    1. I know right! I really would like to do this again next year :) Everything is going okay, doing the hardest part (at least for me) the villain and sidekick turnarounds as we speak. almost finished just another push or too and they should be done tonight. Just expressions (which im not looking forward too) and action poses which could be interesting. However Life keeps on getting in my way! sometimes its a good thing but so annoying XD