Sunday, 20 January 2013

Looking Into Old Japanese Culture

So looking into the japanese culture has given me a new insight into the world I wish to build Both the the art work and with the people.

So looking into the old culture I discovered some stuff one a norm japanese family. I never new the relevance in the book until now but, what I discovered was it was the norm for a husband to find sexual encounters out side of marriage. In traditional japan, men were never told to be faithful. The rule was the ideal wide was a mother and manager of the home. So when the man wanted, he would go to see a courtesan. 

In the book it has a  part where the man chooses his wife over this. So has some hidden cultural meaning there which I never fully understood to which Im sure I will be able to use.

I also discovered the art form of japanese printing to which I would love to incorporate into the art directions of the game. I love the flow yet somewhat sharp lines to the print and think would work well in game.


So as the norm I had to look up some castles as It will be these kinds of structures that you would have to sneak into. This has given me some ideas on the layout of planing this. Its shown me that the are not always about how high they go, the level spread off into different buildings. They can be quite tall yet some can be quite wide, almost like having many buildings in one.


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