Monday, 4 March 2013

Basic Outline For Set

So I have broken my set up into 4 parts instead of the 5 intended as I think 5 may be a little to ambushes  and unnecessary to relay what I intend.


The 1st 2 sections are very much the same but with some slight changes. Other than adding a little bit of style (trying to add character by making it a little more curve and uneven) Ive added a place where the apprentice could be used to get an item under a building. Other than that its very much the same base.

Here ive combined the use of items, the use of the apprentice and getting rid of the lights to get another item. I think each part should be more involved than the last and to show what is possible later in the game to try and get people interesting in playing.

The Last part is still needing to be refined and looked at though it shall remain a climbing challenge.

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