Friday, 15 March 2013

Set Colour Tests

Here I have set up a small scene and have begun to try out some ideas.

Here I begin by really making my world dark with white light from the lamps to light up a section of the mock up set.  (no 1) I then go about lightening this up and adding some background details that begins to blur/wade out to try and get depth and atmosphere. (no 2-3) I then add a little colour shading to this (no 4). I quite like the idea of maybe the hole world is colours in tones yet the lights actually are the only thing coloured and colouring the world. I also like the idea of the world becoming black as you take out the lights as well. no 1 maybe a little to dark for this but no 2 may work well as you can still see the set it self.





Moving onto adding more colour to try and get a more painterly feel, this dose not work for me, it just becomes a distraction from what the player should be looking at. (no 5-6) no 7-8 are not bad but i get no sense of atmosphere or depth unlike the 1st 4 images.






  1. 5 is nice for the black and white... but I do like the idea of the colour... It makes it look like night time without everything being black... I think maybe 7 for the coloured ones?

    1. HHmmmm i surpose I could try adding more of a background to that one and see what it looks like. I see your point about it looking like night time though at the moment no 3-4 are the ones I like best. I will try some more in colour just to be sure :)