Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Set Goes Into Darkness

So just a little test for my self to see how the look of the world will change as the lights are taken out. I wanted it to go darker but not to dark. Im not sure if this is darkened now but you do get the sense as the lights go out, shadow comes.

The building them selves now are sorted for my liking. I have a few buildings now which Im happy with which could be duplicated (so only ever going to have a set number of buildings). The background, I quite like the mountain instead of the buildings so that is now staying. The purple I think maybe a little to purple so only a few more tests on that until it is finalised.

With the layout it self, I have had positive feedback around this layout. I intend to add a little bit at the start and make this into one of the 2-3 sets I intend to do.


Slowly moving into shadow


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