Friday, 1 March 2013

Character: Choosing A Style p2

So here Im looking over 2 designs, one alan suggested and one that I originally liked. As suggested by alan I have taken them into photoshop, inverted them and worked a little into them. I added some details that would be highlighted and what would be an embroiled symbol which represents Retribution which is the name of his sword which changes to fit the character. The more I'm working into them the more my mind is being made up. I have been stuck in a loop of holding onto ideas that really i should have let go long ago. I do believe now my mind is made up and I am going to go with the semi chibi character from p1 as i like these but do not feel they have the milage that the other one has. I feel ill get more out of him and would fit better in the japanese style and feel he will have a better flow with the game than a humanoid character as I think it will clash with the set.









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  1. Numbers 1& 2 look more oriental, the rest are more futuristic so you need to think about which direction you are headed in. Some of the later ones look a bit 80s-star-trekky with the shoulder pads.
    I like no 1 :)