Saturday, 2 March 2013

Neatening Up And Working Out: Character

Here Im working into the character with some details and changing this body structure to try and get rid of any kinks and to try some new shapes.

* (note that on each one there is 2 images, a before and after image)
Here I was just playing with how much to highlight. I think from this its best to highlight some but not to much as it just makes it look like it has an outline.

Here I moved the head down a little to see if it would look better as it looked a little high. I also changed the details on the top. It looks a little odd like it has no neck.

Here I moved the head back up and changed the details on the top. This was to get some variance to see what looks better. I also changed the legs as they where quite off, one being thicker and longer than the other. This I think was a positive change and made it look a little more refined.

I then decided to add a hood so you would see less of the face. A little more assassiny. I quite like this hood as it feels a little mystearus.

The next step for the hood is how much detail/highlighting to show the hood. I think with this one it was a little to much. I also again changed the top, a little more basic but I quite like it because of that. A little highlight here and there works well.

So here I took part of the waist out as well as some of the highlights in the hood. I added another top with some parts coming out under the belt. I quite like him this size but do not like the idea of the top coming under belt. It looks a little slobish and that is not in his character. I like the less detail in the hood, makes it feel a little more hidden. I also changed the eyes, I quite like the single eye being highlighted but am not sure if it fits.

Here I put back the waist and moved the arms up and changed the top. I quite like this top, its quite basic.  I quite like it with out the shoulder pads. I have liked parts of a few of these so its now time to mix and match to hopefully finalise my character once and for all!

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