Monday, 4 March 2013

Thumbnail The Set

Here Im just looking at the basic make up of my sets and how they may be played. Im also playing with styles ( though I still plan to keep the ink like effect)

For the intro part I wish to keep it simple yet show some of the basics such as jumping, planning and choices.

Here I wanted another dead basic choice of left and right to pick a route to follow.

Here I was going for an area you have to get past. The idea is that you have to get past all the lights, pick up the item.

Another idea is that you use the apprentice character (whom you would play as after) to get to places you cannot to open areas up.

Here I was thinking of the final area of the level, a high building which you need to climb up by finding ledges and using the items you picked up on the way here.



With these I was just looking at different styles I could use to give it a little more character.

I was then looking at how you side character could help you in a level, climbing under a building to open the door, being boosted up to go through a window etc.

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