Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Set Design - Silhouette

Here Ive blocked out the set to work out how I want it. I quite like it being simple block colours as it makes it pop out. When playing the camera would be focussed in and would scroll along with the player. Some details are still missing but I quite like this as a hole

Part 1 of level

Here Is just a basic run through to get used to some of the basic controls. Also here you will leaner some of the buildings and walls you can run through, jump over etc. You shall also pick up your first throwing weapon here which has a limited number of throws.

Part 2 of level

Here It will guide to the basic roles of choose. Allowing the player to choose his path to his current goal.

Part 3 of level

Here the player will be shown how to deal with lighting which can be destroyed by throwing your weapon at them in order to be able to get to the baskets which may or may not have hidden items within. Player will also have to use his apprentice to get into certain areas.

Part 4 of level

Here The player will be shown how to use other items to climb up large buildings to get to this target(s).

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