Sunday, 3 March 2013

Character Becomes Skinny?

So slowly working into the smaller character.  Im slowly playing with highlighting and shape change.
Here Im simply changing the top details. I quite like the one on the right as its quite nice with the link.

With this I added another link and took away the mask. This leaves the face more hidden and a little more unknown. The top as well i like more as it seems a little more higher class.
Here I changed the legs to see if it would look better with less baggy clothing. I think it looks better, a little more neater.

Here I made the character skinnier which I like better. Make him seem a little more old and refined.
Here I changed the bagginess of the arms which again I prefer. I also took away the shoulder pads and put back the links to try and get away from the futuristic feel. (going on the comment from chrissie)
Here I just took off the hood to see if it would sit better with out it. I quite like it with and with out.

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