Friday, 1 March 2013

Set & Game Play Ideas

So what Im looking at here is how the game could play out. I want a platform game more about stelf than killing. So Im trying to come up wiht ideas that involves this concept. So ideas are on useing lights, objects to find & routes to work out to get from a to b.



Here im looking at maybe having a level where you have to run along but when u do so the lights turn on so you have to find a way to either get across or get rid of the light.

Here im looking at containing the player. what i mean by that is having towers which he needs get either get up or get across from one to the other. With also the eliment of the light that you have to evaid


Here im looking at placement of items which you may need to gather to acturly compelete the level. so It may be in a light area and you have to work out how to get it with out tuching the light. I was also thinking here that the player could call upon the aprentice (whom youll play as later in the game) to help you with his set of skills. An example of this could be that you assassin can run up a wall but cannt get past the locked door at the top. the aprentice cant run up that wall but find a hole and work his way in to open the door.


Here is just a basic idea on choises. So while doing the lever you could come to a small area where you get to choose your next route.

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