Friday, 1 March 2013

Character: Choosing A Style p1

So Im at a cross road to which I have to choose a dirrection. However there are a few things stopping me mentaly choosing one and rolling with it as it is. So the choise : Humanoid or chibi.  So whats stoping me from picking either one? Whats stoping me is that I personaly like the idea of a chibi character for my game, I think it would fit the style and feel. The game it self I think it would fit with it being more of a puzzle platform rather than a killing one. But at some point in the game he will have to kill? So can a chibi character kill? is it to cute for that? If so can i find a balance between humanoid (which I think would fit as well) and chibi?

So what im doing here in this (hopfuly) 2 parter is choosing this element which is somewhat holding me back. Im looking at the chibi form and a little in the humanoid in comparisent.


Basic humanoid form to which I like. Though I ask my self, onces hes been made small for the game will he still retain his details and see able.




The chibi form. The question is if i go this way how far do I go?





Its in these images 8-10 that im slowly getting an idea on what im after. What im trying to do here is make a list of mega chibi to more humanoid in scale. Now I perticuarly like 4 as I like 1-3 but feel they are to cute for when the killing duse happen (which isnt a lot so would that matter so much?) and I feel I could get more movement out of him in regards to hiding, jumping etc. With no 6, the more humanoid one, I feel its just not got the character as the chibi ones have and I feel the chibi one (no 4) would be more fun.



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