Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Foreground & Background Research (p1)

So Im having another blast at my set. Im braking it down into small sections of ideas that may (hopefully) work well. Some are simply cosmetic while others effect game play.

Going on the feed back from the interim and from what I already know, the set it self needs some work to make it work and look pretty. Even though Ive only recently put on to paper what I want from both the game and set, which again was addressed at the interim, the main ideas all revolve around light and darkness. 

During the interim it was suggested I used this even more than I had been by making it revolve around this concept more to which I quite like the idea of. Also the cosmetics of the set was spoken on, I would very much like to bring back a more of an inky feel.

To adress the the idea on light and adding depth to the set i once again turn to limbo, my main source of inspiration, and some other cool games and art.




So here Im looking into (1,2,3,4) Im looking into lighting and how it could be introduced. 2,3 Have an intresting use of making the light area light (obviously) but making the back ground a lot darker.  This is the key part for me, it may be darker but its a different shade, thus you can see those hole while still getting the image (so in other words its not just black)
 I also like the placement of them. some make sense while others simply come down from appears to be nowhere.






With this bunch im looking at the layered effect. With my set so far its got a plain background with the set and im now thinking that the background is just as important as the foreground to make it feel more hole and give it a better depth and atmosphere. I particularly like no 5 for the simple and small details to the foreground to which I intend to keep in my set. I also like  6 ,7 and 9 for the idea of having a black foreground and a coloured background. Could be a nice mix.



Here Im liking idea (going back to lighting)  the feel of depth and atmosphere that has come from the edges being like a frame. Particularly no 11 with the light simply lighting the area (still getting the details around it like before) while getting a window/ frame around it. This could be good for turning my world into darkness.

Not sure if these are in the game or fan art and not even that relevant for my work but as they are cool and a nice ref to some past films here you go :) 5 points if you can guess the films!

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  1. I love image 1, as your crit feedback mentioned about the game having lights that you have to turn off somehow that image is just what I had pictured