Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Foreground & Background Research (p2)

Here I'm looking particuarly at how I could add a more ink style to my set. It goes along the lines with having a layered background. There is something with most of these images which all seem to be a japanese style is that its mainly mountains and hill in the background. In most art work nature is always around, particularly mountains. This could work nicely. 

I like this one as the colours give it a nightly feel yet feels like it actually has been painted.




I know this is a game but I know not what it is. I like its simplicity of just being black a white, another interesting way It could be betrayed.






This bunch 5-9 is quite interesting. Again very mountainy and has a nice tone. Its a little light for my own work but like limbo its very much just tones. This could be the way forward. Its also very, very interesting and simple. 

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