Friday, 14 March 2014

Cam Pre_Viz 3 & Setting Up 4

Here is the second lot of experiments with cameras and problem solving. Cam 3 is following in from yesterdays videos following a similar plan. Number 4 will be little bit different from the others but is similar to the Orrery Mark 3 idea a while back where the objects go up and down around the centre. The setting up of it is testing the spacing and numbers on each row.

From Pre_Viz 1 to 3, it has shown that there is a lot of empty space around the orrery and between each object. This can also be seen in the still images bellow. The design flaw is being looked into in the set up of no 4.

Still images.





So here I am mapping out no 4 exploring the spacing and size. I am also trying to remove the negative space that is present in the previous Pre_Vis's. It still needs some work around these part and needs to be tilted but so far looks promising and more interesting than the others.

Still Images



I quite like the top view, It shows that the spacing needs to be edited  but still looks positive.

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