Monday, 3 March 2014

Quotes On The Bumblebee Extinction

While look for more information around the domino effect of the loss of the bumblebee and any other links or connections that I may have missed, I have come across some interesting quotes. Although these quotes tell a similar story there predictions are quite helpful in regard to backing up the domino effect and connecting more links such as cows and clovers.

Quote 1)

Professor Einstein, the learned scientist, once calculated that if all bees disappeared off the earth, four years later all humans would also have disappeared. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.
Abeilles et fleurs, June, 1965.

Quote 2)

The safety of England depends on the number of cats she keeps. He proves his proposition thus: Without the aid of bumble-bees the red clover could not be fertilised. Bumble-bees make their nests on the ground, where they are the prey of mice. Cats destroy the mice and give the bees a chance to live. Hence he reasons, no cats, many mice; many mice, no bumble-bees; no bees, no clover; no clover, no cattle; no cattle, no beef; and without beef where would the Englishman be?—Prof. W. W. Cooke—(American Bee(American Bee Journal.

Quote 3)

Because only plants can manufacture food, and because all animals must live on either plants or animals that live on plants, the law has been stated that “without plants, animals cannot exist.” Likewise some plants would disappear if animals were removed, for many flowers depend on nectar-seeking insects to pollenate the flowers—perpetuate the species. 
Massachusetts, 1934.

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