Monday, 31 March 2014

Sheep & Cow Movement Tests

Exploring the secondary animation, the sheep and cow rings are slightly more technical than the others. I have attempted to give the sheep and jumping motion and the cow a bobbing head (possibly a tail when I remodel her) as well as turning the objects behind.

Sheep Test 1

With the first test I explored having the sheep jumping over the fence by having the fence stand static on the ring and having the sheep's follow the motion of the ring. When played however, the static fence stand out and looks rather odd and alien to the rest of the moving contraption.

Sheep Test 2

To change the static feel that the fence gives off I reversed it so the fence moves and the sheep stays in place. This is was due to that, even though the sheep win the in place it will not be static due to its jumping animation. I think this works well and stops the feel of the random static object in this moving world.

Sheep Test 2.5 Camera

Cow Test

With the cow, all I had wanted was something rather small to brake up the solid body of the cow. Under the cow I have placed a mostly hidden mechanism that in turn moves the head up and down. I may add a tail as well when I re make the model as I think this small movement, plus the movement of the objects behind works well.

Cow Test Camera

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