Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Orrery Development

I am trying to create an orrery thats rings are tilted are not all one level as like before. This is to try and get the objects on various levels so they do not all clutter together. 
This has been difficult to work out how to vary the rings without one bar nocking into the other however I have come up this this design. 

Side View

Tilted View

Close Up

Stand Bar


Theres not much to this design but requires some explaining. 

How it works is that there are rings fixed to the middle foundation. From these rings comes the tilt.

 As like the ones before, bars come out from the middle foundation which rotate around the base. Atop of these are where the objects sit. However, these bars have a mechanism to them which allows them to follow the tilted rings. They have two parts, the top half, which has a hook coming out of its side, and the bottom, which could be described as something like a container. Something along the lines of spring pressure within the bottom half pushes up the top half which is stopped by the hook that hooks underneath the tilted rings. When the ring is tilted down the bar is pushed back into its container and when the ring is tilted up, the spring pushes up the bar. With the hook, it fallows around the tilt. (The bar mechanism is shown in the video bellow)

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