Monday, 17 March 2014

Cam Pre_Viz 5

Sounds will be appearing shortly.

So here I have done some changes and added a few things here and there. I have added:

-Wild flowers
-A new ring of people
-Camera movements

On a hole, I quite like this as I feel it is becoming more visually appealing and interesting. I feel the the first 4 rings are the most successful and from the cow on wards is lacking something. I feel they are successful as they are more closely knitted and lively.

 I am also not sure on the mass ring that is filled with people in a line as I feel this could be better shown if  I added more families to the ring before rather than making a hole new ring?

I am also unsure about the camera movement to the eagle eye view. Maybe have it so when the planet passes, the shot slides to the over view in more swift edit rather than a camera movement.

Still images,

New Line Up

Tilted view of the rings

1 comment:

  1. It's travelling to quickly Mike - it doesn't feel as elegant as it should, and we're seeing everything a bit too quickly now; we need to stay with each component a little longer before moving on. Also, compositionally, everything now is stuck down in the lower quarter of the screen - so the top part of the screen is dead. I'd like to see you try a version now when all the rings are all, more or less, on the same level - and you keep the action filling the screen a bit more. I know you've got x amount of music, but you could always ask George to lengthen it if it comes to that. It's better that the pace works visually.

    Also - just a note; it would be good if the screw was going into something that looked like a handle - i.e. that bit that makes stuff move, otherwise the function of the screw isn't clear. Personally, I think the camera move to the bird's eye view really works!