Monday, 3 March 2014

Ring Of The Orrery Exploration

Continuing to look into the order of the rings and the best way to symbolism the domino effect.

Note that a "-" represents a new ring and if there is more than one image between these "-" they are on the same ring.


At the beginning ring you have pollen (the yellow round image). Spinning around the pollen you have plants and an apple to represent the food made by pollination. This is followed by a cow which would die out due to the plants and so on.


 Going off of if you don't have plants you do not have animals and so on. 
 After than animals I have put an apple to also show how we also would not have fruit and veg, however I was not quite sure if it fits here as its related to the pollen which is nearer the beginning.


I took out the pollen as I did not think it was needed to symbolism pollination as that is what the bee is meant to be. I move the beginning around to first show that plants what die out due to pollination and then on the next ring that it would effect food for both the animals and us.


I moved the apple with the cow so they symbolize our food.


Thinking that I may have been over thinking things with have multiple objects on the rings, I have made it a little more simple by adding crops and corn instead of an apple and a tree. I think this is a little to simple and a little boring.


Keeping with simple line up I changed the crops and back back to the apple as to me it looks a little better with the apple.


Here I have gone with the idea of building up the ring, so the beginning ring shows the fruit and veg represented by the apple and broccoli. It then moves out to the flowers, animals, humans all slowly adding in number and then finally the globe.

I quite like this idea of slowly building up in number rather then adding in, what seems, random places like the others. 

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