Monday, 10 March 2014

Layering Thumbnails

Here I am looking into the camera route and the layering to which the machine could be made.



Here I am looking into the first layer to which the lone screw would be. I think this would be quite a simple layer. I have used some mechanisms from inside clocks to which look big but are really quite small. As the camera moves back from the screw, it shall pass through a hole and gears to the next layer.


Here is the middle layering slowly moving out of the machine. What I was thinking is having some showy gears (that are not really connected to anything but look like they are) and then some sort of layered gear that are suggestive of being connected to something above. The camera would go through a hole in between these gears. This is too make everything look big and fancy. After going through the main lot of gears, the camera would go between a few more before coming out of a decorative hole above the music player.


Here I was looking on how the music disk could be on show as well as the stand it self. This is just to get an idea on presentation as this will also effect the above orrery in its looks.

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