Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Level Orrery Test

I have take the ring overview and made a small Pre_Viz to help in visualizing the orrery. It is also to see if it being all on the same level (like a basic orrery) would work with the amount of objects I have. I feel it looks a little crowded, not due to amount there is, but due to it being on a set level it makes it hard to see through the outer rings. This brings to mind of having tilted layers to prevent this clustering all on one level.

Still image

Still image close up

Flat View

Tilted View

Taking out some of the blue layer to see it looks any better. I do not think it works as the build up of how it effects become lager and lager leading to the world at the end, to just have one family seems a little anti-climatic. Although It makes it easier to see it feels like they need to be there.

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