Thursday, 6 March 2014

Initial Storyboarding

Even though I have yet to fully design my orrery machine, I have done a basic storyboard to help visualise, get an idea around a time scale and help in the development in the design process.
Although there are improvements needed to this, it has helped in understanding of the time set, design and how it could work.

With this first section with how it zooms out of a hole within the music disk, I feel that, if i am going to go down the route of zooming out a hole (or something along those lines) it could be more of a decorative hole. By this I mean a possible view hole to which is there to show off the gears and workings within. I feel this would feel and looks nicer than a random hole within the music disk.

This last section has helped me get a better idea around the design of the orrery. I have grown the orrery  and how it uses the rings to rise and fall to get that unevenness. However I feel this should be made wider in diameter which would give more space for the objects which in turn would stop the feel of clutter. The stand or base under the orrery I see as more of a wooden cylinder to which has a music disk on show as centre piece.

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