Sunday, 9 March 2014

Orrery And Mechanic Thumbnails

Based around our trip to the Royal Observatory, I have done some thumbnails around the design of mechanics of the orrery/music machine.


Based on the small orrerys we saw and there rings, I was thinking of getting rid of the poles with the object figures on top and simply replacing them with the rings. These rings would have the object on top and would be propelled by gears that also hold then in place.


Based around the last orrery we saw that had no visible gears or the working mechanics. This was more of toying with the idea of, what if most of the gears are not visible on the outside and how this would look? This is as so far, I have been very visible with the outer mechanics when possibly it may not be needed. 
Also the circle/ rectangle the the middle of the bottom image is a continuation with the idea of having the music player being visible.


Pushing forward with the idea of hiding most of the mechanics of the orrery inside it self. What happens is that all the workings are inside and unseen from the outside. The figures have there own layer/ring and follower a course around this layers.
 I also began to look at what could this be on top and again where the music player could be.



Here Im looking inside the machine. In particular, where the lone screw could sit and some of the layering and mechanics that could be seen within. The bottom left of no5 is showing the idea of this layering. Layer 1 is the screw, layer 2 is parts of the mechanic for the orrery and the last is the music player. It then goes outside of the machine to the last part of seeming the machine itself.


Here I did a mock up sketch of the middle layer of the machine of the orrery. This was also to push this idea of using layers to make the inside of the machine.

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