Saturday, 15 March 2014

Cam Pre_Viz 4

I think this has been more successful than the others before and has got rid of a lot of the negative space.  I quite  like how everything looks like they are rotating around as well. The placements/tilts may need to be adjusted as I did the tilts quite small to get a grasp of what it would look like. 


  1. Hi Mike,

    This is starting to look very visually appealing, though contrary to my previous advice, I think we do need a ring of planet earths too. I'd like you to explore too have some additional elements in there - so maybe a ring of meadow flowers before the wheat, and maybe sheep before the cows (and maybe you need to think of giving the cows a calf and the sheep a lamb to continue that theme of connection and life-cycle). I also wonder if the ring after the family component should be another, more dense circle of people, representing the population of the world? It just feels like it could take a bit more interest before we get to the earth bit? It would also be good if your pre-viz now included too the camera move up to the top view of all the circles and then the tracking shot into white space to reveal the screw and then the tagline 'Small things make Big things happen' - just to get a total sense of the timing - and get the music on there too.

  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your comment and i agree with you it does feel as though it needs some more elements. I will give your suggestion a crack and hopefully start to bring this all together.