Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Camera Rise Tests

Here I have been looking into the camera rise to the above view. I have done a few iterations with minor tweaking in each trying to find the smoothest way to do so.

I started off trying to attach the camera onto the last layer and make it follow the planet as the camera rises. There was a problem with this and its rotation due to the rotations of the other rings. When the camera attached to the planet, it made the other rings slow down and speed up depending on the direction of the ring. It also made the planet look like it was not moving.

I then tried having the camera rotate around the center point. This stopped the problem with the planet and dulled down the problem with the other rings, but the speed difference is still visible. 

To get rid of the ring rotation speed problem I decided to get rid of the camera rotation but keep the sweep up to the top view. This worked okay and got rid of the rotation problem but seems rather distant as it rises.

Finaly I edited the camera movement again slightly which would allow the camera begin to zoom out slightly later rather than at the beginning of the movement to the top view.

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